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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

hair horror?

a long weekend has juz passed and its back to work, woRK and WORK again..seriously i tink i m not suitable for my job..coz its too dull..and..boring? nvm about d job..yesterday was labour's day and for d first time in my life, i found Labour's day to be veri meaningful, its a holiday for all of us working pple..hehe^^

went to yun's hairstylist to cut my hair..one thing about sg hairstylists, when they look at me, they reckon i shld cut my fringe 'ping'(straight)..lucky my fringe's not dat short..i don like or dislike it...juz ermm..my hair looks neater? keke. but i tink would be a long time b4 i touch my hair..i really really hope it will grow faster..they say cutting hair will speed up hair growth.......

din really rest enuff for tis weekend..wish i could slp for another day or two..now listening to jolin's song, wu niang(dance lady?!) for today..d style is abit indian and turkish mix..not bad, maybe can consider learning indian dance nx time..haha..

9 more days to trip..^^

Thursday, April 27, 2006

i love u, yong.

Monday, April 24, 2006

crappy monday~

today is a crappy monday..feeling grouchy.coz need to go client place ltr...and dunno wat thing might happen there today...holy...bless me..~~~


sigh.grumbles away.

smiling away in takashimaya. ~.~

Monday, April 17, 2006

yeah..long weekend..

aaa..my long weekend is over..so sad..haizz..=(..3 long days..how cum gone so fast? but i feel veri tired..dunno y.maybe not enuff slp..as usual.=) muz be yesterday do sports do too much..hehe^^ tired...din do much except sat went for k-lunch wif yunyun..eh..we sing alot of songs la..but like zao sia~ nope i not toking about yunyun..i saying abt me..=.=..horrible..too long no train singing liao..now muz buck up..oh yahhh..we sing superwoman..=.=|| shld noe better to challenge dat cao ge de song rite? horrible..den we sing bu pa bu pa..ha..d cockroach song..funny eh..and sing d chao kou ai!! 超口爱~~acting cute in d ktv..yahh..yun has a new talent..acting ke ai~ ahaha..many lines down..=.=|||||||||...wooo hope can faster go sing songs again...

yeah..nx mth going KL le~yipee~~

not much photos to post..maybe wait till d nx post ya guys..88


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

april = birthday nightmares..

april is officially declared as birthday diasaster on my calendar...-.-||| already 2 birthdays gone..omg..now i tink my mother's birthday is next..oh no..tis is crazy i almost forgotten..now need to tink of a proper present to give her..and still got at least 3 presents i need to buy..and some i nv tot of buying yet..=X..

tis is crazy...how cum so many pple born in april? /.\ sigh.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

sick weekend...

had d most horrible weekend of my life...kanna d gastric flu bug again..AND V SICK AND ERXIN...*stick tongue out..even now d illness hasnt completely gone away..ohh nvMmm..i m v sure i haf slim down alot...and my health..i wont be taking it granted again...argh...

post pic of dat farewell dinner..

it looks so dark..its not my cam..:X

Monday, March 27, 2006

physically exhausted weekend.=.=

wooo...wat a weekend..friday went out to biki san's farewell dinner...ermm(when i get d pics i will post)...and sat busy configuring my comp...and i carried a stupid printer all d way home..make my hand ache till now..hahaha..muz blame on d delivery guys...but i m strong ok!..sunday morning went jogging and breakfast at S11 wif xiaoyun..eat ba chok mee..d soup was nice..like bak gu teh...and we ate ice-cream also..mine was strawberry-choco-vanilla and yun was lime vanilla or sometink..hahaa...cute rite..got pple eat so much after jogging de meh? i tink we only got fatter instead of slimmer..hehe...and we were more like walking den joggin..hehe..but we decided to go exercise every weekend to make us fit...WE WILL IMPROVE DE O! badminton nx week..lets see if i can remember how to serve d ball...last time i use to hit d air instead of d ball..haiz.and work is tiring and time seem to pass so so so slowly...

oh ya and watch finish d er zuo ju zhi wen yesterday..wow d last 2 episodes were beri nice..>_<..but veri wacky and funny d ending..see lin yi chen wedding gown veri nice..woooo..tis drama is highly recommended..

feeling sleepy..ZzZ..

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

yea no work today..~!

ooo..today din go work..coz too tired..esp ys nite i was feeling feverish and weak...lucki rested d whole day today..i realli felt alot of freedom today..its like returnin to d days when i was studying..hehe...realli veri swang and relaxing..although i noe more work is waiting mi tml..T_T...but i don care..i muz be 'le guan'...den at home today watching my vcd..hehe left only a few more episode..super nice wor..zhen yuan chang so shuai...and lin yi chen so pretty..wish i could be like her..hmm..so sianZ...den buy some tarot cards today to play..super accurate@_@...but i don tell u all wat i asking d tarot cards for..bleah..:P..den drink macdonald strawberry shake..oo so nice^_^..although was shopping myself..but was happy coz long time no go walk walk during weekday..hehe..so little pple..

ok la..shall stop here..88..^^

Monday, March 20, 2006

i m hating work..

i nv used to hate work so much till today..i'm realli tempted to leave tis company...i m tired of doing programming...i m tired of making myself so tired...i m losing control over my work..maybe its time to quit...

ok..decided..29 of august shall be my last day of work.hmp.

missing u..:P

Monday, March 13, 2006




Saturday, March 11, 2006

gaming..and present

some shots i taken when i was gaming..hehe..

hoho..this is my game character statistics...see..bluestar is an attacker..coz all d pts i gain thru level is put at attack..hehe..for those who play abit of online game will noe wat i m toking abt..and bluestar's hubby is whywhy..my sweetie..his lvl is damn high...and above is a list of skills i learn..see bluestar yue lai yue geng de leh..hahaha

this is a normal battle when me and whywhy and whywhy's other id team up to fight monsters..hahhaha...monsters sound abit childish..lets call them npcs..err don ask mi wat they stand for..its juz another term for monsters..whywhy's other id is a gal..formally his cousin's id..but now give him le...iceyie is a healer...so when whywhy(a mage) and me(an attacker) fights..mostly wat she does is to keep healing us..so we can win d tough battle..hahaha..and d pple standing in front of us is our pets..pets r trained by us..and help us fight too..keke..mine is a golden hair boy...

****A gift by a special someone****

i finally received my gift a few days ago..was wondering d pressie got hjacked halfway or sometink..haha


my name..haha..

nice mah..>_<

tiny veri tiny love trinklet o^^o

a drawing..d gal wearing d trinklet..

and d letter writes alot of stuff i guess..haha..but nt let u all going to see wats in it..haa..:P

Thursday, March 09, 2006

work's making life dead..

bcoz of d nature of my work..everyday i would juz be sitting down at d office and there's d never ending pile of programming to do..if u r like me..those who get restless easily..maybe this isnt d most suitable job..and after work..u will juz feel like going home and rest ur eyes..:p although i did go home..but going home means to watch my game character gain lvl O.O..*eyes open big big~~..ok la..but work is meant to earn money..wifout money...i guess many things cant be done..and i would be saving up most of my money..hehe^_^ for future use la..and for my KL trip..hiak hiak...and for hongkong trip..*grinZ*...so i repeat to myself everyday...9 hrs of work wont hurt rite??? as long money's cuming in and i can support my game reloads...oh ya and dats when i decide to buy a new comp for my house at d end of d year...comp's so much reliable den laptop..plan to save 3k b4 i leave tis company..yea..

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

huimin's shabu~shabu

so fast tuesday le worr~!! last weekend was an eventful one...

huimin's BBQ ^_^

星期六的烤肉会好好玩哦。。可是超累的。。下午一点多就和云出发买材料。。然后就去敏家集合。。她的厨房也蛮吓人的。。好乱!!! 难得敏好用心啊!我们坐taxi去Costa Sands。。要拿的东西真的实在太多了>_< 手好痛哦!还好敏的朋友帮我们(他是男的)。。到了地点,很大风。。差点都起不了火aik~那晚的食物让我很难忘。。因为很好吃^,^。。我这个贪吃鬼:P 云的辣椒鱼好好吃的呢。。

看pic吧! ><





Wednesday, March 01, 2006

stupid stupid train

today i reached workplace ard 9.30...part of me already having headache..all thanx to d stupid train/track fault...jam all d way from yishun to dobby gaut..T_T..took train ard 8.07...den reach at 9.30..tis is crazy lo..realli dunno wat smrt is doing...poor mi no money take taxi lo...can life be kinder to mi? my legs r aching like hell wearing heels standing all d way...ahahha..ok maybe i cant stand pain la...

sat got huimin bbq o..cant wait..but thinking dat i cant spend d day at home..i also beri sad...coz cant play game wif him..T_T...and cant haf my afternoon nap..HAIZZ...nvm...maybe sunday ba..friday event..sat bbq..sunday event...tink i realli no chance to rest le...and part of mi is so tired now..sobz sobz so kelian.:(

Monday, February 27, 2006

dream weekend....

dunno y today i feel myself in a fairytale...or maybe ys nite din seem like too real..ahhaha..i shall not reveal too much....onli mi and my frens noe...lalalala~~~i feel like a floating spirit today..no mood to work...hee....

my weekend...

went wif yun and min to watch final destination3...was SUPER digusting...after d movie juz felt my whole insides turn to stone..cant take any dinner..we were waiting for train when suddenly yun's fren Joey pop up from nowwhere..and we were discussing abt d movie...GAVE US A BIG SCARE..sorry..but her face loook like someone from d movie or sometink..ghastly pale...:S

sun..nothing but gaming...event...den nite time..hehe..chatting...

feel my spirit has been awakened again..and now listening to kelly song...dancing to d kelly's song rite now...ai wo ba....^^

Monday, February 20, 2006

character traits..

pls take tis personality test abt mi if u haven taken..
--> http://kevan.org/johari?name=sTaRbLuE (the positive side)
--> http://kevan.org/nohari?name=baddiestar (the negative side)

and..the results

omg..in the end..juz look at d results..my character is a complete mess and mix!!


Friday, February 17, 2006

i'm a worrywart.

everything's rite btwn me and him again..:) everything's gonna be fine..
juz fine...maybe i'm such a worrywart..^^
JJ's songs so nice...all rite den..
back to work.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


i want a new life. a new start. without him.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

happy valentine's day..

happy valentine's day to everybody..but today weather's damn bad for mi..i m having a mild headache in d office..hope d chocolate i ate is calming mi down...i m damn feeling so yuckY!! not mentioning d parcel i m waiting for SO long still haben cum..haizz..in a damn bad moody MOOD. hmp. joyce got flowers from her bf..delievered to her office..so romantic ya?! but its ok i don realli like flowers..but i like teddy bears arranged nicely in a box of flowers..dats was wat i saw...hope tonite is a gd nite for mi..although i will be going home again..rejected watever dates to go home play games wif him...tml will be my first time going to customer's place..eee..i hate it i hate it......oh no d headache still there..how?!

Monday, February 13, 2006

tis is a veri sweet song in d drama 恶作剧之吻..i like to sing it in ktv...

if cant view..go View -> Encoding -> Unicode

恶作剧 - 王蓝茵

一切新鲜 有点冒险

我才发现 你很遥远

Saturday, February 11, 2006

huimin 21st birthday...

today is huimin's 21st birthday..ahahaha..she has grown one year older already..time pass so fast..noe her for 8 yrs?? anyway today mi, yun yun, huimin, jiahui and hanxiong went to cck to K ge...waaa..damn shiok..sang so many songs..i tink mi and yun veri got mo qi le..anyway i will lets d pics do d toking..XD

mi and birthday gal..>.<

d four flowers..

we r so zilian...>_<

huimin cutting cake..

posing wif d cake..

random grp shot...

keke..last pic @kbox..5 of us..

Thursday, February 09, 2006

new blog layout..

i've changed a new blog layout.nice?! i think its pretty and cute...and V day is coming..suitable eh? actually, i don't realli much going on on V day. its a pretty much normal weekday and i bet i've tonnes of work to do on that day. so sad right? but i think's gonna be quite interesting in TS...couples giving flowers...yaya i m hoping for my game husband to give mi, in case u r waiting for me to tell u this...pridena's got all excited on V day but she cant be online dat day..haha. cute her.

and weekend shld be retrieving a frenship pressie from a fren.ya i say frenship..i dunno if its counted as a valentine's pressie..but at least i haf one?! lolz. nt dat kelian like last year. i don't even want to think about last year. but, thinking back..it was rather funny. haha. laughing at myself now. well like they say..it should be v day every min every sec every day of the year..waiting for v day to cum and giving pressies is juz like an excuse for celebrating V day..

anyway d sky is dark outside the office..juz rained i guess..got d feeling i'm going to doze off any moment..blogging keeps me awake..yea yeah..another 1 and 1/2 hrs to go..XD

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Miracles do happen after all..

A miracle has happened!! one of d fighting fishes in my office has survived!! ys afternoon it looked terribly sick..already keep flipping and lying on its side le..i prayed alot for d fish...ahahaha..u might say i siao..but i m terribly soft-hearted to animals..see liao veri xin tong de..T.T...so even a flipping fish can get well..wat else in tis world we cant accomplish...so i wanna use d chance here to encourage dishearted pple...there's always hope in this world..its only if u believe in hope and try ur best...

Sunday, February 05, 2006

tis blog is DYING

sorry if i nv update tis blog for a long time..coz i haf been so busy wif so many things..well esp ard d new year period.. nt much to blog abt..but my pile of working is killing mi..

ys mi went out wif yun to find sometink..and we bought a Nikon S3 camera!! damn shiok..d camera white in color..so niceeee...6 megapix..complete wif movie recording sound..and scene selection :fireworks, beach, sunset, party and more...hoo hoo..so nice le..and free two 512 mb card..

den we ate shilin chichen in far east de basement...ahahaha..so funny..saw ella in bsement..not any ellla u noe..is S.H.E de ella!! omg..she wif her frens..and we juz stunned there..hahaha...but so lucky to haf met her..

off to up my game lvl again..tata..will blog again..

Thursday, January 26, 2006

back in sg!!

hey i finally got d time to sit down and blog..after back from bangkok and finish most of d unpacking..keke..

i guess i m too lazy to tok abt d thailand trip..wahahahaa...but its was great fun shopping there..coz d things were cheap like hell there...1st and 2nd day in thailand, huimin's fren Wanshi brought us ard...as she was more familar wif d district there..Wanshi's roomate was a true Korean..which i aslo forget d name..but pretty funny coz mi and huimin was struggling to tok in broken Korean..lolz...

3rd day was quite memorable...coz we walked like mad...ard Chatuchak...from 11 - 6..=___=|||...till our legs were aching like hell...but can say its a fruitful trip lo...coz d things we buy hor..damn scary...esp huimin buy d coca-cola clock...muz check in o..or else i tink will spoil on d plane...

when we finally touched down to Changi Airport...i din haf any sg dollar left..damn broke...sad man...i spend a total of 300+ over there...=.=|| but i'm so happy~~~~so destressing...kekeke..

后记:its so fun for tis trip..but maybe we were abit tired out from d walking..and d weather there damn horri-gi-ble..now cum back muz do face mask, hair mask..so dry there..and i keep not having enuff sleep till now..

to yun and min: 我们的香港trip一定会很好玩的。。我们现在需要的是钱,钱,钱~~!!

pics not yet all uploaded yet..shall upload all of them 2gether later on...stay tuned..

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

KALA~KALA only 3 days...^ ^

KALA~KALA..!! i miss singing..now picking up cantonese from mama...muahaha..although my cantonese still veri lan..-.-|| y i wanna learn cantonese leh??? of coz is for.........


i wanna learn to sing cantonese song...actually i already understand abit le..its quite easy..maybe i haf d blood from my mother ba..and my father almost speak cantonese to my mother everyday..muahaha..they cant speak anytink bad about mi using cantonese le...>.<

wor~wor..but some of d words still quite chim la..may take some time to learn..beg my mum to give mi crash course b4 i go hk...就这样办了!!3 more days to thailand 哦!

this few mths alot of festivals..hmmm..cny cuming le..i miss cny..hongbaos..new clothes to wear..ktv..shiok leh...after cny got valentine's day..hahaa..dunno got chance to celebrate tis yr anot..last yr is damn horrible..hahahaha...^_^ shld be special tis yr..^_^vv


2moro's 牵着你 so nicee~~

Sunday, January 15, 2006

korean lesson @Ms Lee house...

ys was a fun day as me, yun and min had our lesson at our teacher house..her house so far~~in clementi..-.-||| and we bought a little sometink for teacher...haa..new year stuff..her husband was veri nice and drove us to their house from clementi mrt..nice..now i onli realise clementi has so many ktvs..partyworld and kbox juz 500 m away apart..wahaha..maybe got time can go try??

anyway teacher house is veri nice furnished..cozy like a love nest..^^ mauahaha..and teacher taught us to cook 2 korean dishes ys..noodles, soup, ricecakes??? being d forgetful one..i already forgotten all d dishes name :D..zzz...seeing teacher so capable in d kitchen..i tink i aso wanna pick up cookery liao..hahaha..zzz..when we finally left her house, it was abt 4 plus le..so tiring when reach home..-.-...

4 more days to TRIP T.T

teacher on d left...

random pic

random pic..


Thursday, January 12, 2006

tis morning is indeed a wierd one for mi, or how do i explain it, maybe a thoughtful one?? it started when i woke up tis morning thinking it was a public holiday..i was in a half dazed state when i woke up..zzz..

on d train, i was listening to mp3s on my phone..kept thinking d past few years of my life..how i spent it..i juz realised dat alot of things has changed during these few years..i spend d 40 mins of train ride remembering wat happened in poly to mi...alot of little memories juz fluttered and came to me one by one...

happy ones..sad ones..i remembered one particular night where i sat in d sky garden on d flr all by myself in d dark...this was one moment i would ever not forget..d choco dat time has thrown herself into despair..and life for her was at d lowest pt den...but i also remembered d choco who eventually stood up and turned over a new leaf...d choco eventually becum stronger and nv let things put her down so easily..d choco who came to understand everything and has becum more sensible since..toned down her wildfulness and becum more mature yet since...

*there's always a story behind each smile, the best will come when the storm blows over*

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

cold weather

d weather's so cold recently dat i keep sneezing d moment i wake up AND ESPECIALLY when i step out of d shower..>.< brrrr...so dat thailand hotel's thing settled..huimin's fren don haf any place for us..=( so sad..but cant blame la..she's sharing a rm wif somebody else...hmm...juz booked d hotel ys...will be looking 4ward to nx friday..i haben done my research how to plan d walking for d 4 days in thailand..hmmm...

ys did practically nothing la..juz play game..^^ heehee..so happy...afternoon went shoppin wif yun..bought a skirt for new year..its pong pong one o~~ my fav..hahaha..and little figurines on d skirt..lolz...tink its presentable for new year la...

today need work again~~ how i hate tis 4 letter word..WORK..haiz.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


nowadays my company friends has given mi a new nick or name..Choco.ha..bcoz i like to eat chocolate..they has given mi tis English 'name'..hmp.easier to call? don realli tink so..lucky there r still pple who call mi by my real name..haha.

days r passing real fast and today is d fifth day of 2006. it doesnt realli make a difference ba. d same work to do, d same d same. 15 more days for my trip. hmph. decided to make a list of things i shld buy juz in case i forget.

1. Tops
2. Jeans
3. Jackets (the more the merrier)
4. Shoes
5. Lingerie(Boss wanna buy.-.-||)
6. Snacks
7. Bags
8. Makeup
9. Shorts
10. Accessories
11. Watch for sis

And more..will add on when i can tink of anymore again. =)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

CNY coming soon..

ys spend my holiday shopping wif Xiangqi..went bugis to shop lo..nothing much at parco bugis..sow we went bugis market walk lo...i bought 2 tops lo..but all dark colour..hahaha..cham liao..new year cant wear black leh..maybe will aim for a jacket when i go thailand..to cover up..ahhaha..or later lao ma lao pa will scold sia~~

den xiangqi wanted to buy tops also..but some how she cannot find d size she wan..nvm..mi aso cannot find d size for my jeans either...@@""...dat jeans is for primary sch kid, xiangqi said...haha...so funni...

so many things to buy..so little time..hope to earn my money back from ang pows..^^

Sunday, January 01, 2006

First day of year 2006 (^.^)

heyy!! first day of 2006..and i wake up so early to write my blog!!...no la..its my mother they all awaken mi up...grrrr...hate them..year 2006 first day..i haf so many hopes for this year..dat this year will be a better one...

XX my resolutions XX

1.Grow taller.(:P impossible)
2.Save more money.
3.Cure my bad temper.
4.Become thinner..(so my baby fat will disappear.)
5.Be more concentious(spelling wrong) in my work.
6.Dont get picky over guys.haHaHA.

...phew.lets hope year 2006 is a gd one for me..and everybody too..^^

Year 2005 last day...

mi went to meet huimin after her work..ard 9 plus ba..so many pple celebrating new year..d whole citylink to suntec was so congested!! but after d exit to esplanade and marina square..not so many pple ard le ba..tink everybody heading for d fireworks?!

huimin and mi wanted to eat at sushi tei wan...but so fast closed..so went sakae sushi instead...went for d supper buffet..heh heh...got free one red plate de..so we choose salmon and dunno another plate of seafood dat i cant eat..haiii..ate ard 16-18 plates i cant rem..bloated after eating so much sushi..ha...

after supper, we headed to go home..we decided to walk d main road..coz d tunnel shld be crowded ba? as we walked along d road near d Esplanade suddenly i heard a 'BOOM BOOM' sound!! its d fireworks!! we r so lucki...we saw a veri beautiful view of d fireworks...its juz happened before our eyes...wah wah..so lucky man...but sad is this year watched wif huimin one de..wahahaha..and 2 blangahs were watching wif awe next to us also..-.-|||||...too bad cant reallli capture d fireworks wif my phone la..

after dat we rushed for d train......not alot of pple..haha..but i guess everybody stuck in d Esplanade there...ahahaha..reached home ard 1 plus le..so tiring...but our 2006 is completed wif fireworks!! =)

dats when d fireworks started to appear!!

full bloom

in the train...

Friday, December 30, 2005

new year's spread

My company had a new year lunch just now..at a Japanese restaurant near my company..hoho..look gd rite?? its unagi set..=) $22 set..-.-|||..boss look xintong..

ktv~~again again..

yesterday after work i met up wif joyce and shermaine @ orchard..we were supposed to meet up at the food court at Centerpoint..but i blur loX..actually i dint noe its linked to Starhub Center..-.-||..

nv seen Shermaine b4..onli once bumped into Joyce and her months ago..i already forgot how she looked like le...wahahha..wa wa..she quite pretty lox..mature type one..

Shermaine = SleepyFreya on TS

oooo...actually yesterday was blushing like mad..bcoz searching for d foodcourt ma..onli my ears blush la..hahaha..but couldnt see coz hair covered...

besides we 3 gals..there were 3 other guys as well..all of Shermaine's friends..errr?? i forgot all their names liao..wahhaha..poor memory..we went Cuppage ktv..i tink its my 2nd or 3rd time there only?? i juz couldnt get used to d system..ha..but don look down on mi ah..d remote was pretty easy to use anyway..

maybe i wasnt as shy as i thought. >.<

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Work = terrible

i hate work.have always hated it.

its juz dat many frenz misunderstood mi. Its juz dat i nv express it out properly.

emotionless? hardly. once i start feeling stressed..i will tok to frens ard mi..patient frens who r willing to lend a listening ear...

okok maybe i'm moody. just moody.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

最近我读comics了。。sch rumble。。真的超可爱哦!! ^^。。也好羡慕学校的生活。。我最近玩线上游戏玩到很上瘾了。。一部分的原因因该是认识了一个很好的男生。。他住malaysia的kuantan。。好远哦。。离我7个小时。。=.=||。。好难过。。game里的我们好幸福。。他也认识了一个跟他住一样的地方的人。。我心里特别不安。。当也不用紧啦。。只是game而已。。现在好期待每天上线咯。。^^。。

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Zayin 2nd album...

one of my fav chinese band Zayin has launched their 2nd album..ai de tan ke...their style more defined now..is rock style ballads...not veri suitable for pple who don like rock stuff..but more for pple who like songs wif a rock feeling de...haha..i also dunno how to describe..rock guitar's so cool! if i haf money i will go learn..=P

anyway there's some songs i like inside..yu zou..kan bu qing..liu lang gou...and one song i tink got a bit of underworld feeling...shu guang..d music not bad la...juz dat i becum more numb if i hear d whole album..its too rock..lucki got a few more less rock songs to balance up...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


ys after a tired day of work..went down orchard for korean lesson..its pretty strange la...we all met at Burger King at Borders...wahhaa..a strange place to hold a lesson..anyway our teacher bought her hubby along..ahaha..another surprise..we were not sure how to react la..but its okie...lol..

but teacher's laogong treat us eat dinner lo..so paisey..hmm...ys we learn about family in korean ba...how to call mama papa all those...i still remember..but i dunno how to write here..wahahhaa...den teacher promised to give us our Korean names nx lesson..based on our Chinese names..hahaha..i wonder my name will veri awful anot???

today is a super sian super super sian day..not only i dunno hw to do my work..i miss gaming..coz ys reach home late...haiii...i miss meeting whywhy...he's my vitual game friend on TS...haaha...tonite will be better...coz can play longer..hehee.

Monday, December 19, 2005

^.^ ^.^ ^.^

feeling abit dazed now...weekend bu ke neng jiu guo le ba?? i'm so blur today..wore sandals to work today..and almost tripped 2 times when i was on my way to work today..-.-..my weekend has been a busy one..saturday went for my korean lesson as usual..tis time we watched a korean drama part of it ba...

after dat we went to get huimin's shoes..she need sometink to go wif her dress on wed..hahaa..in d end she got a at least 2 inch high heels at Isetan..and i got sometink from Body Shop too..for company gift xchange...dunno y dat day keep bumping into jiahui and matt...so qiao..lol...mi and yun also went optical shop at chong pang..got myself disposible contacts...:D

on sunday mi and min went for d NKF checkup...5 dollars...lucky everything was normal..and i was happy my weight dropped to 44.8kg...but my height nv changed.-.-||
o, so expected. haha. they measured my waist as well. 58 cm. dunno how many inch is dat..i hope its not many. and lucky both of us were fine. juz need exercise more. hoho...mi and min spend ys agonizing over flight fares...we wanted go Bangkok in Jan shopping..will be staying over at her fren house. AirAsia's quite cheap i guess..

last nite i dreamt i was in Taipei eating noodles..kekeke.funny dream.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Joyce Birthday!!!

today's Joyce's 21 birthday...we ran ard in d morning looking for d cake..-.-|||

joyce's heart shaped peppermint choco cake!!! it was terrific..wahhaha..

mi look so gong here..wahhaha..wear glasses maH..cannot outshine our leading lady..^^

Thursday, December 08, 2005

no photos?!

hmm..looking at my blog..i noe its all plain text and lack of picX..i m so sorry! haha..its been a busy half week for mi...busy wif work and trying to breathe thru all this stuff...promise i upload soon...and upload more when i buy dat Nikon cam mi and yun r drooling after! hahaha..

its going to be a hard week..sigh..


Mood: Dying

Health: Deteroriating(wrong spelling)

Hair: As Usual

Horoscope: Other people's poor organizational skills will throw a wrench into the works today.


i tink i m d one wif d poor organizational skills.hmp.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

nikon, x-mas, narnia and all!

its only a few more weeks to x-mas..so fast and 2006 will cum soon...

i like x-mas..esp hope one year i can go Europe or Japan de "Bei Hai

Dao" (ps, forgot hw 2 spell) to spend x-mas..:)..wat wishful tinking..i'm still

sitting at my desk in my office..its a warm afternoon today..sun set low in d sky...

The Fish has recovered..Thanx to M's miracle medicine..The Fish's tail is now fanned

out prettily...well..d medicine label stated dat it kill parasites and other

stuff..eww..no wonder The Fish's tail is sort of tattered and torn..:~~~

this week is a long one..wif joyce they gone to Bangkok..i'm stoning away for d rest of d week...

lets c wat i got on my wish list..

1. Nikon S3 Cam

2. Wallet

3. at least 2 set of CNY clothes..(shld start buying soon)

4. Change my contacts..

Saturday, December 03, 2005

my first korean lesson..

today i had my first korean lesson!! wah..so excited man..despite i was feeling abit unwell..my head was throbbing away..hahaha...my teacher is called lee chong ern..errr..i forgot how to spell..but she's a true korean living in singapore and married to a chinese Singaporean! well..she's quite young..probably 20s ba...

d first lesson we learned dialogue...its hard to pronounce..maybe bcoz we speak too much chinese le..hahahaha..but its similar lo..den also learn d korean Hanguei?? alphabets ah..walao..40 letters! *faintZ* learning how to write and pronounce is a headache..

i wonder how long it takes us to master d language?? haha..but we 3 did haf alot of fun..hohoho...

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Conversation with the Fish

i decided to bring my Fish to d office..coz it seemed to be sick...

A Conversation with the Fish..

Me: Hey Fish! How r u doing??
Fish: Cant u see?? i'm practically dying.
Me: How come??
Fish: Why do u ask me? u r supposed to be my Owner!
Me: I have no idea. Besides u r d more 'qi guai' fish i ever owned.
Fish: I haf lost all my fighting spirit!
Me: Buck up! u r a Fighting Fish after all!
Fish: I miss my friends..i don want live in a fish bowl.
Me: .....
Fish: %&*&$*#$...(Bubble Language)

Note: Above is all based on purely fictional thinking of a dreamer.

p.s.: when will my Fish recover?!

Monday, November 28, 2005

i got work phobia..

i had a eventful weekend...feeling so energetic now...fresh..^.^


went J.B wif yun and min...its our first trip overseas together..considering d no of yrs we knew each other..-.-|| hahaha..but still fun la..considering we punksey d bus halfway and walked d Causeway to Malaysia..haaa..we sang ktv at Newway..somehow d feeling abit diff from singing in spore..dunno y..tink d sound system better..and onli $5+ sing dollars for package like klunch..but d food is better and nicer..hahaha..

after which we went shopping in city square...hm buy jeans which i tink not bad..and i buy a bag which i like also..and 3 of us buy tees..den eat dinner at a place which i also forgot d name..d service there abit lan..after den take bus home..

hooo..wat a tired day...


ys went for my last singing lesson wif my subsitute teacher..tis subsitute teacher is realli veri gd wor...teach mi alot of things..and i improved tremendously juz in 3 weeks!? bcoz her teaching method veri diff...i tink i wanna change singing sch..i still tink i like singing alot..although there r many grey times where i juz wanna give up le...

anyway after singing lesson, met min to go buy yun bdae pressie..feel so guilty i drag time again...her pressie cost 60++..forgot d brand also..hahaaa..den i also buy shoes..hahaha..i tink i going broke soon..i also buy another tiny sling bag...i tink tis is all for tis mth..

Monday le...5 more days to end tis week..>.<

Thursday, November 24, 2005

er zuo ju zhi wen..

a slow and a lazy afternoon.
cant think of anything. zz
listening to er zuo ju zhi wen de soundtrack rite now...sound so nice...swt..i like lara of nan quan ma ma..her voice so cute..haahaha...jay chou also duet wif her in his latest album...
somebody chasing after my work again..haha..
dreaming away...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

i m gloomy

i m feeling so gloomy! juz like d weather today...in a shit mood also..i m having pre-monday blues..worrying when Monday is not here yet..


bcoz i haf to finish sometink by tml..

and worrying bcoz of sometink called a SCHEDULE.

i hate schedules. i hate work. i hate stress. =(

anyway.ys was a pretty bad luck day. lost movie tickets, rebought them, in d end d movie wasnt dat gd anyway..

went to cut fringe..i wanted it short..ya..but NOT dat short! and ended up broke along with huimin =) wat a consolation. my bad mood lasted from ys to today. hasnt let up yet.urgh.

i m considering whether to watch d next harry potter film.hmm.

Friday, November 18, 2005

jay chou jay chou

today have been listening to jay chou songs for d whole day le..less than an hour to wrap up my work for d week..dunno y today my 'xin qing' veri 'lan'..juz feel like listening to jay song..suit my mood fine..maybe i m getting tired of programming ba..abit stress over my schedule...haizzz..ys went company ktv @ orchard cine...wahh..so gd..can 'biao ge' wif joyce and d rest..so fun...


Mood: Not very good
Hair: Limp; in a wreck;
Horoscope: Getting more organized will make you feel more in control -- and reduce your stress.


Sunday, November 13, 2005


i m so tired...veri veri tired..tis weekend din manage to rest at all..-.-||| i swear dat i will get a nice afternoon nap nx weekend..or else i will collapse soon..got myself d w800i..wahaha...d phone realli nice and lots of gd features packed inside...worth d $..much better den my x70...argh...and i feel so broke now..broke but happy laH..haha..

today attended my music lesson..hmm...dat subsitute teacher not bad man..as in she noes how to teach well..and has expectations of mi..i was also trying my best during d lesson..today is a fruitful lesson..hee...tink improve le ba..hahaha...

after lesson met yun and min at city hall..we went sakae@marina square..not bad d decor there..ate lots and tok also...den went to buy one tub of ice-cream from giant...we shared it and sat outside marina square...haha..nice leh..rocky road and french vanilla..toking abt d trip to hongkong nx aug..wow...we r realli looking 4ward...and hope we 3 realli can go...tis yr x-mas for d 3 of us..will be a lonely x-mas again...hahhaa...mostly likely spend together again ba...lol...

Friday, November 11, 2005

blogging now coz my work's boring and its an extremely dull afternoon to begin wif.urgh.weekend's finally here..even d weather today can justify dat...so sunny and bright...=)...tml buying phone lo..but still dunno buy wat..k750i or d walkman one?? haizz...y cant i haf d best of both worlds..so 'ke xi'..there's no middle line..and i noe it.i will be veri broke after tml..sigh.but i cant resist d temptation to buy.i simply muz buy! the thought of it perks mi up..haa..i wanna learn dancing in dec...hope min they all decide by den...ha...its my new interest..but i feel so old..juz hope i can learn it b4 my bones hardened too much from d chair i sit on everyday...

my fish at home has taken a new meaning to monotonous...juz today i tried to feed it...dried worms..betta pellets?! errr..and salt for d water? it juz ate one piece and and remained still onwards...its horrible..noeing ur beloved fish is sick and u cant do anything about it.haiz.M bringing mi some aquariaum salt which i tink will help..instead of hehe..cooking salt...-.-...suddenly has an urge to get out of office and go running..ya not joggin..but running..need to escape out of d mono routine i m going thru everyday...*tink too much..got to get back to my work...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

a long week


Thursday, November 03, 2005

today holiday gd gd...so swang...morning played TS...afternoon went near qi house to chat chat...now playin game again...heehe...wan mei de yi tian~~^.^



chubbi faces...

hair veri long liao rite?? wahahaha...


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

all abt love

ys went to watch all abt love wif yun...d show was veri touching...sentimental mi cried again..i noe i noe..i cry too easily le...but tragic shows always made mi cry one...i m so upset!!!!! but i realli like ah sa in d show..veri cute and pretti...too bad she died so kelian...i tink tis show worth 4 stars...^^

Sunday, October 30, 2005

magical nite scene

d geeky sisters..ha..

my ugly ugly pic...wahaha..

nice scene

my voice seems to haf recovered on its own..after one night...i'm sooo tired...d typical feeling u get on a Sunday morning after u played too much ys..but cant realli get to slp..there's a dunno wat event fiesta near my house..d field there...tink d weilian cuming..but too lazy to go watch..ha..and nobody acc mi as well..today need go music lesson le..but sian..dunno after dat do wat haiiii..don wan my Sunday jiu lai dat pass..veri boring one..T.T...urgh..now like abit sore throat..tuesday going wif yun to buy new specs...hahaha..its time to buy a new one also..sooo ugly..wahaha..

Saturday, October 29, 2005

my new office..

feeling abit tired rite now..maybe bcoz ys use alot of strength when we helped rearrange our tables in office...a small office..but took 4hrs to complete d new seating arrangement which i liked veri much..i had a seat near d wall..privacy man!! heh..joyce sitting behind mi...so we can tok veri easily..whereas marcus sitting beside mi la..gd also.can discuss things...helped to unplug alot of wires ys..was hard work man..but at least i can learn abit of hardware skill..setting up d LAN and all those...

ltr going ktv..wif min and yun..hope its fun..long time sing sing liao..hahaha...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

another happi day!

hehe...a few more mins b4 i go home...my stomach's rumbling like crazy..i tot i eaten wanton mee for lunch?? how cum so hungry...argh..1 more hr b4 i reach home to eat dinner...=(...tml our office internal shifting le..i haf to change seat...so dat i will sit beside my project partner..haha...so mafan..but nvm...discuss things easier la...sian diao...1 more day to weekend...=)..i got another part to do again...how cum my work never ending..haizzz...
Mood: Fab.
Health: Hungry.
Horoscope: Add another gold star by your name! Your achievements are stacking up now!
Hair: Silky! *grinZ

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

wow..so fast one week le..haha..i din realise time pass so fast..and forgot to blog also..tis one week veri fast...my flu also gone...hahaha...veri happi...now work also finished le..yea,can slack again...i tot as days passed by my work shld be more stress..but its going better den i expected..i can start to understand y they say its so relax here...ha...i tend to tink better when i m relaxed...

suddenly got an urge to go ktv again..haha..i m a ktv addict...anybody wan to go..haa..can jio mi go...wu ke qun songs so nice man..hear liao wanna melt..today suppose to get 2nd pay...so happi...i m rich again...^.^...yea...so dats all for my life ba..happy, blissful, smooth..

Monday, October 24, 2005

i m so tired

15 more mins b4 i m off work...will take d time to write my blog..hee..my work's finished again...so glad..spend d whole of sat sleeping after i attended d boring gathering at poly...*nx time don attend liao*..haa...sunday i met qi for a while at d lib...borrow 2 books..one of them which i was veri happi to find one...its d sequel to d first episode which i read..and d other one is a pyscho killer story..ha..sometime to spice up my mono life...

after which went to watch Transporter2 wif..hee hee hee..not bad lorr..d movie although i say i give 3 1/2 stars..but its a potential 4 star movie ba..wahahha...juz dat d movie made mi abit dizzy wif all d action..long time no watch so action de movie liao...keke..anyway i m so waiting for d nx weekend...i haf a feeling i wont be able to slp properly tis week..and nx week got 2 public holidays...cool...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

another boring post

i'm juz too free...so free dat i can blog twice in one day...d worst is over..and i'm officially slackin in office and listening to xiao zhu's song..hahaha...veri bad rite...light and empty..maybe bcoz of d grapefruit pineapple juice i was drinking juz now..life is contented...hee...someone is bound to noe wat i mean..ha..tis sat going to back to poly for a gathering which i realli haf no idea wat they going to do..wat harr...strange..lucki cuiling cuming too..which is d reason i agreed to go too..and sat afternoon maybe going to min house to make dessert...errrrr..i m so busi man...fri nite might be meeting pple also...ha..i already start making plans for d weekend..and its onli wed!!!! *bIsH my own face*..dream too much abt d weekend le..anyway sunday also got music lesson..seems my life's full rite now...

now planning to buy another new digi cam...i wanna a super power cam wan..those type u see in d movies..nice and can sling ard neck one...haa...den go hongkong can use..super nice..min has one..huiling has one also..erm..and they all cost at least $800..well..dat cam is going to be my x-mas wish..as well as a new hp..either one of them..oh..i m broke..waiting for nx tues which is my payday..hee..so happi..den can go buy things again..haizzz..i so not do not how to save money...

another 1 hr plus to slack ard..how cum life can change so much in one week???? T.T

i m so tired...

today is a real tiring day..woke up late..and rushed everytink includin my breakfast which, unfortunately, din go down veri well..urgh..anyway...a few days i haben updated..real busi man...work in d day...gaming at nite...hahaha..i noe gaming is a bad habit which i m finding it veri hard to kick...i muz haf a gd slp soon...coz ys nite was dreaming and dreaming...which i cant even remember wat it was abt..sianZZ..gotta go back to programming le...T.T

Saturday, October 15, 2005

beach day..

today mi and yun went to watch The Skeleton Key @ causway cathay..hmm..overall d movie is not dat scary like d review had say..d story also not veri capturing..would give it 3 stars only..anyway i don like d ending...if d ending not gd..usually i wont like d movie also..hahaha..tml watch Deuce Bigalow..

after movie..we decided to go beach..dunno le..tink yun quite stress..LOL..we decided to go semb beach..den took some nice scenery of d sky and sea...haa...after dat we went 9 head..had tom yam ban mian for dinner...den went northpt for walk..tired day..leg aching le..den did i mention today i kept falling down..knock into pple..hit my hand against a pole..kicked my toe..bad luck..haa..

a joke onli mi and yun understand..ha...

Sunday, October 09, 2005

shoooping trip...

wow..quite a few days nv update bloggie le..abit of dust here and there..hmm...this week is an eventful one..quite busi..dat i din realise another week is going to end soon...

my work..veri busi...coz d proj ending soon..so i needed to rush my work abit..stressful...but manage to scrape pass..hehe..tml angeline will cum back..i nv seen her b4..i wonder how she looks like..although joyce keep tellin mi nt to worri..dat she's a nice person..

thurs after work met hanxiong gor, huimin and xiaoyun to play bowling at marina square..long time nv see gor le..maybe since last year ba..he look more mature le..ha..they all bullies..bowling so lihai..i came in third for first round..and last for d 2nd round..nx time don wan play le..my hand still hurt now..sobz..tink he shld be at tekong now ba..jiayoU~

ys morning met cuiling to go to the refresher .net course at sch...if i noe Mr Tan XXXX XXXXX was d lecturer..i definately wont go one..i almost fell asleep for his lecture...quite a waste of time..hahahaha...maybe if lecturer is Mr LXX den shld be more beneficial ba...after lesson..i went home le..heh..i don wan be gooseberry..and i dislike to be gooseberry..d feeling is horrible..evening went library borrow book..

today went out wif xiangqi to shop..wa...we buy identical slippers from x:odus..den ah qi buy a top whereas mi buy a vest and a skirt for office..hahaha..but it doesnt look like office wear..but i don care..wanna wear watever i like..ha..

singing lesson today taught mi how to sing si lu by fish leong..so hard..i haven even learned d chorus..sianZz..

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

online game...

recently was obessed wif playing ts online..so din realli bother abt anytink online including my blog...to blog: soRrIe ah~...-.-|||..and to everybody who's reading my blog..last time tink i almost update everyday ba...wahahaha...erm..recently work is veri stressing lor..dats y i haf to play online game..and its my first time trying to play...coz last time haben get broadband at home..so cant realli play...hahahaha...lucky got leng52 to help mi..or otherwise i veri kelian de...he helped mi to buy armour, shoes and helped mi to get a pet...thanx alot ah...anytink happening will update again..hahaha..ciao~

Friday, September 30, 2005

and..finally weekend!

Mood: Deflating..but learning to be cheerFul...=)
Hair: Definatly longer..
Health: Great..considering i haven caught d flu bug from my collegues yet..
Horoscope: The pieces have finally come together. You see clearly and everything makes sense.

well..its makes sense..and d horoscope is half rite..erm..maybe..women r ficle creatures..a few mins earlier was deciding not to blog..but a few mins later..here i am. ok...let mi figure today..its a shitty day. i hate it. i hate wat my perfectionalist mind does to mi...it makes mi squirm whenever i cant do things up 2 my own standard...tinking back today..xxxxxxxxx is such a poophead. ihatehim. blech.

coming back to d now..i'm turning in for d night..its nt a waste..its been able to enjoy d wonders of wat adequate slp does to u..and my resolution for d rest of d year is to becum a better and cheerful mi..hahaha..no more un-necessary worrying. it juz makes mi age. ha. kk. tink i better stop here.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

never ending work...

today is wednesday..Middle of The week. and i wonder y i m feeling so tired. maybe i got dengue. those mosquitoes seemed to find mi pretti attractive.*diSgusTed* and i cant seem to make progress in my work..not fast enuff, anyway. life sucks. but there are alwayz a few things in ur day dat makes you smile. its wat i found.*smileZ..joyce going to thailand soon..in nov..wish i could go wif her too..besides i'm part of d project too. =( guess its pure bad luck i haven passed my probation ba.

Mood: Lacks fighting speed
Hair: Clean
Health: nothing's happenin..suspected dengue case.
Horoscope: A wrench is thrown into your plans. Don't waste time being angry -- roll with it.

Monday, September 26, 2005

my eyes go 'snide'

last sunday was a great sunday. watched movie 'Hinokio'..well basically abt a boy handicapped and goes to sch wif d help of 'Hinokio' a veri intelligent robot..Iwatomo, d boy, juz needs to stay in his room and control d robot..so nobody haf seen dat boy b4..mmm..tis movie's in japanese..and its real nice lor..abt family..abt friendship..and a tinge of love inside..well i do like d gal who grew up in d end..she so pretti..long hair de..if u r a J-fan..maybe can go for this movie..Movie Rating: 4/5

work today is hell tiring for mi..and its does not help either when 2 adults fuming at each other over my work...ahem..as in they r juz fighting over each other..my work is an excuse..lucky both of them r not mad at mi..

Mood: Sweet..hehe..
Hair: Mugen shampoo is gd! my hair doesnt itch!
Health: still ok..hope i don catch d flu bug which is floating ard in d office...
Horoscope: Schedule a night on the town with friends. A big group event is just what you need.
maybe??? anyway i need a gd break...=)

Saturday, September 24, 2005

evelyn celebration...


celebrated evelyn's birthday ys...another newly 20 years old..ha..all this juz made mi feel veri old rite now..buts ok...let mi describe wat we did ys...

ys nite we were 'supposingly' going to kenny rogers for dinner..but couldnt get seats in time..and most of us were starving..so went to Swenson's instead...we five chatted alot..bout wat our lives for d past few mths..ever since we left poly..i nv imagined time can pass so quickly..and i nv imagined we have to leave poly one day..its was juz like a forever kind of thing in sch..hmm.

well..evelyn's working parttime rite now..and doing abit of sales also..and taking course..wow..she seems real busi..but i'll guess everybodi still finding wat to do wif life..'xian mu' the guys lor..do ns...no need tink so much..whereas we gals r free to do watever we want..too 'free' i tink..

kk back to topic..after main course we order d unfamous Earthquake to share..i find d ice-cream too sweet..but long time no eat either..and after which we decided to go near esplanade river there to eat d cake..its was a black forest choco sponge cake harry bought..hmm..and in d process of finding seats..we indirectly drove away a couple..ha..so sorri..

after which we 5 toked and toked abt old days...taking photos...d night was lovely..lots of lights..was ard 12pm b4 i reached home..

Mood: bored to tears.
Hair: all clumped up.
Health: seems grey from d lit sleep
Horoscope:Don't think with your heart. Turn off your emotions -- look at cold hard facts.

d 3 of us @esplanade...d lanterns r pretty..

evelyn's birthday cake

group pic..
Left To Right: harry, elben, evelyn, mi and jiahui

mi & jiahui..

elben, evelyn, harry

our last grp pic...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

boring wed...

juz watched d 9pm drama..hmm..was thinking i wouldnt want a clone of me walking ard in d streets..or maybe hundreds of mi walking ard..someone wif d same DNA and everytink..i would feel dat i don haf my indiviuality anymore..well..dats scary..not d case wif twins or triplets...may admire them..but in any case i rather be d special one in the world..

work is at its usual speed today..ian helped mi to debug my application again..thanxx alot..i'm veri well getting used to workin life..and start to like it man..d onli thing i need to do maybe is to learn to strike a balance between work and play..try not to get obessed wif work too much when its time to relax...=)

did i mention yuan wei jue xing's song veri nice?? if i didnt..let mi remind u guys again..i LIKE their songs!!

i'm day-dreaming again. abt something impossible..izit reali possible??

oh ducks..i dunno wat i 'm saying..didos..not to think so much..maybe i get more answers when i wake up..bye

Monday, September 19, 2005

monday again..

monday again..but strange i din get d blues man..but i'm dead beat now...maybe its bcoz of d extra trip to library juz now..walau and discovered another 2 books at home which i haben return yet..-.-||||||...

recently listened to d xing fu xia zai by yuan wei jue xing..veri nice leh..and i like d songs in their album..quite boyish d type..radio friendly..and i tink their lyrics written veri well..

mi and joyce..muahahha...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

happy lantern festival...Part II

happy lantern festival to everyone!

-.-|||... today mi and qi went to burn finish d remaining candles and sparklers..omg..nowadays d way children celebrate is veri scary..their fire is BIG..and they light up their sparklers and throw into d fire...besides throwing them into d fire..they also throw up into d sky...and usually they get trapped in the trees or juz fall to d ground..Qi was worried dat d sparkler may fall onto her head...ha....

today got kids borrowing candles again..haizz..how cum ar..nx time realli cannot go back dat area liao...den we also ate snacks..d whole air was so smoky...poor ozone layer..ha...i now feel like vomit lei..digusting smoke..well dat ends this year mooncake festival celebration..nx year 21 yr old..most prob wont play liao..c how ba.

today in d afternoon i also attended my singing lesson after last week put aeroplane to d teacher..Keke...today teacher teach mi yuan dian..she say my low voice got improvement..i'm so proud of myself..tink its juz dat in d past i wasnt used to singing low key song...wa..teacher veri lihai..i haf to sing veri loudly juz to match her voice..

now no strength left...and this ends my weekend...enjoying more mooncake now..-.-|||
and i juz finished one small strawberry mooncake..half small green tea mooncake..one lao po bing..plus d half small pandan mooncake i shared wif Qi.. after today i realli don wanna see another mooncake again liao..!!!

another design we created..sparkler in d middle of candles..

yeah..my name..=P

d lighting is strange....