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Saturday, March 11, 2006

gaming..and present

some shots i taken when i was gaming..hehe..

hoho..this is my game character statistics...see..bluestar is an attacker..coz all d pts i gain thru level is put at attack..hehe..for those who play abit of online game will noe wat i m toking abt..and bluestar's hubby is whywhy..my sweetie..his lvl is damn high...and above is a list of skills i learn..see bluestar yue lai yue geng de leh..hahaha

this is a normal battle when me and whywhy and whywhy's other id team up to fight monsters..hahhaha...monsters sound abit childish..lets call them npcs..err don ask mi wat they stand for..its juz another term for monsters..whywhy's other id is a gal..formally his cousin's id..but now give him le...iceyie is a healer...so when whywhy(a mage) and me(an attacker) fights..mostly wat she does is to keep healing us..so we can win d tough battle..hahaha..and d pple standing in front of us is our pets..pets r trained by us..and help us fight too..keke..mine is a golden hair boy...

****A gift by a special someone****

i finally received my gift a few days ago..was wondering d pressie got hjacked halfway or sometink..haha


my name..haha..

nice mah..>_<

tiny veri tiny love trinklet o^^o

a drawing..d gal wearing d trinklet..

and d letter writes alot of stuff i guess..haha..but nt let u all going to see wats in it..haa..:P


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mis u dear

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