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Saturday, September 24, 2005

evelyn celebration...


celebrated evelyn's birthday ys...another newly 20 years old..ha..all this juz made mi feel veri old rite now..buts ok...let mi describe wat we did ys...

ys nite we were 'supposingly' going to kenny rogers for dinner..but couldnt get seats in time..and most of us were starving..so went to Swenson's instead...we five chatted alot..bout wat our lives for d past few mths..ever since we left poly..i nv imagined time can pass so quickly..and i nv imagined we have to leave poly one day..its was juz like a forever kind of thing in sch..hmm.

well..evelyn's working parttime rite now..and doing abit of sales also..and taking course..wow..she seems real busi..but i'll guess everybodi still finding wat to do wif life..'xian mu' the guys lor..do ns...no need tink so much..whereas we gals r free to do watever we want..too 'free' i tink..

kk back to topic..after main course we order d unfamous Earthquake to share..i find d ice-cream too sweet..but long time no eat either..and after which we decided to go near esplanade river there to eat d cake..its was a black forest choco sponge cake harry bought..hmm..and in d process of finding seats..we indirectly drove away a couple..ha..so sorri..

after which we 5 toked and toked abt old days...taking photos...d night was lovely..lots of lights..was ard 12pm b4 i reached home..

Mood: bored to tears.
Hair: all clumped up.
Health: seems grey from d lit sleep
Horoscope:Don't think with your heart. Turn off your emotions -- look at cold hard facts.

d 3 of us @esplanade...d lanterns r pretty..

evelyn's birthday cake

group pic..
Left To Right: harry, elben, evelyn, mi and jiahui

mi & jiahui..

elben, evelyn, harry

our last grp pic...


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