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Saturday, October 15, 2005

beach day..

today mi and yun went to watch The Skeleton Key @ causway cathay..hmm..overall d movie is not dat scary like d review had say..d story also not veri capturing..would give it 3 stars only..anyway i don like d ending...if d ending not gd..usually i wont like d movie also..hahaha..tml watch Deuce Bigalow..

after movie..we decided to go beach..dunno le..tink yun quite stress..LOL..we decided to go semb beach..den took some nice scenery of d sky and sea...haa...after dat we went 9 head..had tom yam ban mian for dinner...den went northpt for walk..tired day..leg aching le..den did i mention today i kept falling down..knock into pple..hit my hand against a pole..kicked my toe..bad luck..haa..

a joke onli mi and yun understand..ha...


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