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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

cold weather

d weather's so cold recently dat i keep sneezing d moment i wake up AND ESPECIALLY when i step out of d shower..>.< brrrr...so dat thailand hotel's thing settled..huimin's fren don haf any place for us..=( so sad..but cant blame la..she's sharing a rm wif somebody else...hmm...juz booked d hotel ys...will be looking 4ward to nx friday..i haben done my research how to plan d walking for d 4 days in thailand..hmmm...

ys did practically nothing la..juz play game..^^ heehee..so happy...afternoon went shoppin wif yun..bought a skirt for new year..its pong pong one o~~ my fav..hahaha..and little figurines on d skirt..lolz...tink its presentable for new year la...

today need work again~~ how i hate tis 4 letter word..WORK..haiz.


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