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Thursday, January 26, 2006

back in sg!!

hey i finally got d time to sit down and blog..after back from bangkok and finish most of d unpacking..keke..

i guess i m too lazy to tok abt d thailand trip..wahahahaa...but its was great fun shopping there..coz d things were cheap like hell there...1st and 2nd day in thailand, huimin's fren Wanshi brought us ard...as she was more familar wif d district there..Wanshi's roomate was a true Korean..which i aslo forget d name..but pretty funny coz mi and huimin was struggling to tok in broken Korean..lolz...

3rd day was quite memorable...coz we walked like mad...ard Chatuchak...from 11 - 6..=___=|||...till our legs were aching like hell...but can say its a fruitful trip lo...coz d things we buy hor..damn scary...esp huimin buy d coca-cola clock...muz check in o..or else i tink will spoil on d plane...

when we finally touched down to Changi Airport...i din haf any sg dollar left..damn broke...sad man...i spend a total of 300+ over there...=.=|| but i'm so happy~~~~so destressing...kekeke..

后记:its so fun for tis trip..but maybe we were abit tired out from d walking..and d weather there damn horri-gi-ble..now cum back muz do face mask, hair mask..so dry there..and i keep not having enuff sleep till now..

to yun and min: 我们的香港trip一定会很好玩的。。我们现在需要的是钱,钱,钱~~!!

pics not yet all uploaded yet..shall upload all of them 2gether later on...stay tuned..


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