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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

CNY coming soon..

ys spend my holiday shopping wif Xiangqi..went bugis to shop lo..nothing much at parco bugis..sow we went bugis market walk lo...i bought 2 tops lo..but all dark colour..hahaha..cham liao..new year cant wear black leh..maybe will aim for a jacket when i go thailand..to cover up..ahhaha..or later lao ma lao pa will scold sia~~

den xiangqi wanted to buy tops also..but some how she cannot find d size she wan..nvm..mi aso cannot find d size for my jeans either...@@""...dat jeans is for primary sch kid, xiangqi said...haha...so funni...

so many things to buy..so little time..hope to earn my money back from ang pows..^^


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