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Sunday, November 13, 2005


i m so tired...veri veri tired..tis weekend din manage to rest at all..-.-||| i swear dat i will get a nice afternoon nap nx weekend..or else i will collapse soon..got myself d w800i..wahaha...d phone realli nice and lots of gd features packed inside...worth d $..much better den my x70...argh...and i feel so broke now..broke but happy laH..haha..

today attended my music lesson..hmm...dat subsitute teacher not bad man..as in she noes how to teach well..and has expectations of mi..i was also trying my best during d lesson..today is a fruitful lesson..hee...tink improve le ba..hahaha...

after lesson met yun and min at city hall..we went sakae@marina square..not bad d decor there..ate lots and tok also...den went to buy one tub of ice-cream from giant...we shared it and sat outside marina square...haha..nice leh..rocky road and french vanilla..toking abt d trip to hongkong nx aug..wow...we r realli looking 4ward...and hope we 3 realli can go...tis yr x-mas for d 3 of us..will be a lonely x-mas again...hahhaa...mostly likely spend together again ba...lol...


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