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Friday, December 30, 2005

ktv~~again again..

yesterday after work i met up wif joyce and shermaine @ orchard..we were supposed to meet up at the food court at Centerpoint..but i blur loX..actually i dint noe its linked to Starhub Center..-.-||..

nv seen Shermaine b4..onli once bumped into Joyce and her months ago..i already forgot how she looked like le...wahahha..wa wa..she quite pretty lox..mature type one..

Shermaine = SleepyFreya on TS

oooo...actually yesterday was blushing like mad..bcoz searching for d foodcourt ma..onli my ears blush la..hahaha..but couldnt see coz hair covered...

besides we 3 gals..there were 3 other guys as well..all of Shermaine's friends..errr?? i forgot all their names liao..wahhaha..poor memory..we went Cuppage ktv..i tink its my 2nd or 3rd time there only?? i juz couldnt get used to d system..ha..but don look down on mi ah..d remote was pretty easy to use anyway..

maybe i wasnt as shy as i thought. >.<


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