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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Conversation with the Fish

i decided to bring my Fish to d office..coz it seemed to be sick...

A Conversation with the Fish..

Me: Hey Fish! How r u doing??
Fish: Cant u see?? i'm practically dying.
Me: How come??
Fish: Why do u ask me? u r supposed to be my Owner!
Me: I have no idea. Besides u r d more 'qi guai' fish i ever owned.
Fish: I haf lost all my fighting spirit!
Me: Buck up! u r a Fighting Fish after all!
Fish: I miss my friends..i don want live in a fish bowl.
Me: .....
Fish: %&*&$*#$...(Bubble Language)

Note: Above is all based on purely fictional thinking of a dreamer.

p.s.: when will my Fish recover?!


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