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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

another boring post

i'm juz too free...so free dat i can blog twice in one day...d worst is over..and i'm officially slackin in office and listening to xiao zhu's song..hahaha...veri bad rite...light and empty..maybe bcoz of d grapefruit pineapple juice i was drinking juz now..life is contented...hee...someone is bound to noe wat i mean..ha..tis sat going to back to poly for a gathering which i realli haf no idea wat they going to do..wat harr...strange..lucki cuiling cuming too..which is d reason i agreed to go too..and sat afternoon maybe going to min house to make dessert...errrrr..i m so busi man...fri nite might be meeting pple also...ha..i already start making plans for d weekend..and its onli wed!!!! *bIsH my own face*..dream too much abt d weekend le..anyway sunday also got music lesson..seems my life's full rite now...

now planning to buy another new digi cam...i wanna a super power cam wan..those type u see in d movies..nice and can sling ard neck one...haa...den go hongkong can use..super nice..min has one..huiling has one also..erm..and they all cost at least $800..well..dat cam is going to be my x-mas wish..as well as a new hp..either one of them..oh..i m broke..waiting for nx tues which is my payday..hee..so happi..den can go buy things again..haizzz..i so not do not how to save money...

another 1 hr plus to slack ard..how cum life can change so much in one week???? T.T


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