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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

hair horror?

a long weekend has juz passed and its back to work, woRK and WORK again..seriously i tink i m not suitable for my job..coz its too dull..and..boring? nvm about d job..yesterday was labour's day and for d first time in my life, i found Labour's day to be veri meaningful, its a holiday for all of us working pple..hehe^^

went to yun's hairstylist to cut my hair..one thing about sg hairstylists, when they look at me, they reckon i shld cut my fringe 'ping'(straight)..lucky my fringe's not dat short..i don like or dislike it...juz ermm..my hair looks neater? keke. but i tink would be a long time b4 i touch my hair..i really really hope it will grow faster..they say cutting hair will speed up hair growth.......

din really rest enuff for tis weekend..wish i could slp for another day or two..now listening to jolin's song, wu niang(dance lady?!) for today..d style is abit indian and turkish mix..not bad, maybe can consider learning indian dance nx time..haha..

9 more days to trip..^^


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