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Sunday, September 18, 2005

happy lantern festival...Part II

happy lantern festival to everyone!

-.-|||... today mi and qi went to burn finish d remaining candles and sparklers..omg..nowadays d way children celebrate is veri scary..their fire is BIG..and they light up their sparklers and throw into d fire...besides throwing them into d fire..they also throw up into d sky...and usually they get trapped in the trees or juz fall to d ground..Qi was worried dat d sparkler may fall onto her head...ha....

today got kids borrowing candles again..haizz..how cum ar..nx time realli cannot go back dat area liao...den we also ate snacks..d whole air was so smoky...poor ozone layer..ha...i now feel like vomit lei..digusting smoke..well dat ends this year mooncake festival celebration..nx year 21 yr old..most prob wont play liao..c how ba.

today in d afternoon i also attended my singing lesson after last week put aeroplane to d teacher..Keke...today teacher teach mi yuan dian..she say my low voice got improvement..i'm so proud of myself..tink its juz dat in d past i wasnt used to singing low key song...wa..teacher veri lihai..i haf to sing veri loudly juz to match her voice..

now no strength left...and this ends my weekend...enjoying more mooncake now..-.-|||
and i juz finished one small strawberry mooncake..half small green tea mooncake..one lao po bing..plus d half small pandan mooncake i shared wif Qi.. after today i realli don wanna see another mooncake again liao..!!!

another design we created..sparkler in d middle of candles..

yeah..my name..=P

d lighting is strange....


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