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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


ys after a tired day of work..went down orchard for korean lesson..its pretty strange la...we all met at Burger King at Borders...wahhaa..a strange place to hold a lesson..anyway our teacher bought her hubby along..ahaha..another surprise..we were not sure how to react la..but its okie...lol..

but teacher's laogong treat us eat dinner lo..so paisey..hmm...ys we learn about family in korean ba...how to call mama papa all those...i still remember..but i dunno how to write here..wahahhaa...den teacher promised to give us our Korean names nx lesson..based on our Chinese names..hahaha..i wonder my name will veri awful anot???

today is a super sian super super sian day..not only i dunno hw to do my work..i miss gaming..coz ys reach home late...haiii...i miss meeting whywhy...he's my vitual game friend on TS...haaha...tonite will be better...coz can play longer..hehee.


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