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Sunday, November 20, 2005

i m gloomy

i m feeling so gloomy! juz like d weather today...in a shit mood also..i m having pre-monday blues..worrying when Monday is not here yet..


bcoz i haf to finish sometink by tml..

and worrying bcoz of sometink called a SCHEDULE.

i hate schedules. i hate work. i hate stress. =(

anyway.ys was a pretty bad luck day. lost movie tickets, rebought them, in d end d movie wasnt dat gd anyway..

went to cut fringe..i wanted it short..ya..but NOT dat short! and ended up broke along with huimin =) wat a consolation. my bad mood lasted from ys to today. hasnt let up yet.urgh.

i m considering whether to watch d next harry potter film.hmm.


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