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Sunday, January 15, 2006

korean lesson @Ms Lee house...

ys was a fun day as me, yun and min had our lesson at our teacher house..her house so far~~in clementi..-.-||| and we bought a little sometink for teacher...haa..new year stuff..her husband was veri nice and drove us to their house from clementi mrt..nice..now i onli realise clementi has so many ktvs..partyworld and kbox juz 500 m away apart..wahaha..maybe got time can go try??

anyway teacher house is veri nice furnished..cozy like a love nest..^^ mauahaha..and teacher taught us to cook 2 korean dishes ys..noodles, soup, ricecakes??? being d forgetful one..i already forgotten all d dishes name :D..zzz...seeing teacher so capable in d kitchen..i tink i aso wanna pick up cookery liao..hahaha..zzz..when we finally left her house, it was abt 4 plus le..so tiring when reach home..-.-...

4 more days to TRIP T.T

teacher on d left...

random pic

random pic..



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