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Monday, March 27, 2006

physically exhausted weekend.=.=

wooo...wat a weekend..friday went out to biki san's farewell dinner...ermm(when i get d pics i will post)...and sat busy configuring my comp...and i carried a stupid printer all d way home..make my hand ache till now..hahaha..muz blame on d delivery guys...but i m strong ok!..sunday morning went jogging and breakfast at S11 wif xiaoyun..eat ba chok mee..d soup was nice..like bak gu teh...and we ate ice-cream also..mine was strawberry-choco-vanilla and yun was lime vanilla or sometink..hahaa...cute rite..got pple eat so much after jogging de meh? i tink we only got fatter instead of slimmer..hehe...and we were more like walking den joggin..hehe..but we decided to go exercise every weekend to make us fit...WE WILL IMPROVE DE O! badminton nx week..lets see if i can remember how to serve d ball...last time i use to hit d air instead of d ball..haiz.and work is tiring and time seem to pass so so so slowly...

oh ya and watch finish d er zuo ju zhi wen yesterday..wow d last 2 episodes were beri nice..>_<..but veri wacky and funny d ending..see lin yi chen wedding gown veri nice..woooo..tis drama is highly recommended..

feeling sleepy..ZzZ..


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