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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

yea no work today..~!

ooo..today din go work..coz too tired..esp ys nite i was feeling feverish and weak...lucki rested d whole day today..i realli felt alot of freedom today..its like returnin to d days when i was studying..hehe...realli veri swang and relaxing..although i noe more work is waiting mi tml..T_T...but i don care..i muz be 'le guan'...den at home today watching my vcd..hehe left only a few more episode..super nice wor..zhen yuan chang so shuai...and lin yi chen so pretty..wish i could be like her..hmm..so sianZ...den buy some tarot cards today to play..super accurate@_@...but i don tell u all wat i asking d tarot cards for..bleah..:P..den drink macdonald strawberry shake..oo so nice^_^..although was shopping myself..but was happy coz long time no go walk walk during weekday..hehe..so little pple..

ok la..shall stop here..88..^^


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