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Monday, September 26, 2005

my eyes go 'snide'

last sunday was a great sunday. watched movie 'Hinokio'..well basically abt a boy handicapped and goes to sch wif d help of 'Hinokio' a veri intelligent robot..Iwatomo, d boy, juz needs to stay in his room and control d robot..so nobody haf seen dat boy b4..mmm..tis movie's in japanese..and its real nice lor..abt family..abt friendship..and a tinge of love inside..well i do like d gal who grew up in d end..she so pretti..long hair de..if u r a J-fan..maybe can go for this movie..Movie Rating: 4/5

work today is hell tiring for mi..and its does not help either when 2 adults fuming at each other over my work...ahem..as in they r juz fighting over each other..my work is an excuse..lucky both of them r not mad at mi..

Mood: Sweet..hehe..
Hair: Mugen shampoo is gd! my hair doesnt itch!
Health: still ok..hope i don catch d flu bug which is floating ard in d office...
Horoscope: Schedule a night on the town with friends. A big group event is just what you need.
maybe??? anyway i need a gd break...=)


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