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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

boring wed...

juz watched d 9pm drama..hmm..was thinking i wouldnt want a clone of me walking ard in d streets..or maybe hundreds of mi walking ard..someone wif d same DNA and everytink..i would feel dat i don haf my indiviuality anymore..well..dats scary..not d case wif twins or triplets...may admire them..but in any case i rather be d special one in the world..

work is at its usual speed today..ian helped mi to debug my application again..thanxx alot..i'm veri well getting used to workin life..and start to like it man..d onli thing i need to do maybe is to learn to strike a balance between work and play..try not to get obessed wif work too much when its time to relax...=)

did i mention yuan wei jue xing's song veri nice?? if i didnt..let mi remind u guys again..i LIKE their songs!!

i'm day-dreaming again. abt something impossible..izit reali possible??

oh ducks..i dunno wat i 'm saying..didos..not to think so much..maybe i get more answers when i wake up..bye


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