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Thursday, February 09, 2006

new blog layout..

i've changed a new blog layout.nice?! i think its pretty and cute...and V day is coming..suitable eh? actually, i don't realli much going on on V day. its a pretty much normal weekday and i bet i've tonnes of work to do on that day. so sad right? but i think's gonna be quite interesting in TS...couples giving flowers...yaya i m hoping for my game husband to give mi, in case u r waiting for me to tell u this...pridena's got all excited on V day but she cant be online dat day..haha. cute her.

and weekend shld be retrieving a frenship pressie from a fren.ya i say frenship..i dunno if its counted as a valentine's pressie..but at least i haf one?! lolz. nt dat kelian like last year. i don't even want to think about last year. but, thinking back..it was rather funny. haha. laughing at myself now. well like they say..it should be v day every min every sec every day of the year..waiting for v day to cum and giving pressies is juz like an excuse for celebrating V day..

anyway d sky is dark outside the office..juz rained i guess..got d feeling i'm going to doze off any moment..blogging keeps me awake..yea yeah..another 1 and 1/2 hrs to go..XD


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