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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

never ending work...

today is wednesday..Middle of The week. and i wonder y i m feeling so tired. maybe i got dengue. those mosquitoes seemed to find mi pretti attractive.*diSgusTed* and i cant seem to make progress in my work..not fast enuff, anyway. life sucks. but there are alwayz a few things in ur day dat makes you smile. its wat i found.*smileZ..joyce going to thailand soon..in nov..wish i could go wif her too..besides i'm part of d project too. =( guess its pure bad luck i haven passed my probation ba.

Mood: Lacks fighting speed
Hair: Clean
Health: nothing's happenin..suspected dengue case.
Horoscope: A wrench is thrown into your plans. Don't waste time being angry -- roll with it.


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