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Sunday, February 05, 2006

tis blog is DYING

sorry if i nv update tis blog for a long time..coz i haf been so busy wif so many things..well esp ard d new year period.. nt much to blog abt..but my pile of working is killing mi..

ys mi went out wif yun to find sometink..and we bought a Nikon S3 camera!! damn shiok..d camera white in color..so niceeee...6 megapix..complete wif movie recording sound..and scene selection :fireworks, beach, sunset, party and more...hoo hoo..so nice le..and free two 512 mb card..

den we ate shilin chichen in far east de basement...ahahaha..so funny..saw ella in bsement..not any ellla u noe..is S.H.E de ella!! omg..she wif her frens..and we juz stunned there..hahaha...but so lucky to haf met her..

off to up my game lvl again..tata..will blog again..


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