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Thursday, March 09, 2006

work's making life dead..

bcoz of d nature of my work..everyday i would juz be sitting down at d office and there's d never ending pile of programming to do..if u r like me..those who get restless easily..maybe this isnt d most suitable job..and after work..u will juz feel like going home and rest ur eyes..:p although i did go home..but going home means to watch my game character gain lvl O.O..*eyes open big big~~..ok la..but work is meant to earn money..wifout money...i guess many things cant be done..and i would be saving up most of my money..hehe^_^ for future use la..and for my KL trip..hiak hiak...and for hongkong trip..*grinZ*...so i repeat to myself everyday...9 hrs of work wont hurt rite??? as long money's cuming in and i can support my game reloads...oh ya and dats when i decide to buy a new comp for my house at d end of d year...comp's so much reliable den laptop..plan to save 3k b4 i leave tis company..yea..


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