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Monday, November 28, 2005

i got work phobia..

i had a eventful weekend...feeling so energetic now...fresh..^.^


went J.B wif yun and min...its our first trip overseas together..considering d no of yrs we knew each other..-.-|| hahaha..but still fun la..considering we punksey d bus halfway and walked d Causeway to Malaysia..haaa..we sang ktv at Newway..somehow d feeling abit diff from singing in spore..dunno y..tink d sound system better..and onli $5+ sing dollars for package like klunch..but d food is better and nicer..hahaha..

after which we went shopping in city square...hm buy jeans which i tink not bad..and i buy a bag which i like also..and 3 of us buy tees..den eat dinner at a place which i also forgot d name..d service there abit lan..after den take bus home..

hooo..wat a tired day...


ys went for my last singing lesson wif my subsitute teacher..tis subsitute teacher is realli veri gd wor...teach mi alot of things..and i improved tremendously juz in 3 weeks!? bcoz her teaching method veri diff...i tink i wanna change singing sch..i still tink i like singing alot..although there r many grey times where i juz wanna give up le...

anyway after singing lesson, met min to go buy yun bdae pressie..feel so guilty i drag time again...her pressie cost 60++..forgot d brand also..hahaaa..den i also buy shoes..hahaha..i tink i going broke soon..i also buy another tiny sling bag...i tink tis is all for tis mth..

Monday le...5 more days to end tis week..>.<


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