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Monday, December 19, 2005

^.^ ^.^ ^.^

feeling abit dazed now...weekend bu ke neng jiu guo le ba?? i'm so blur today..wore sandals to work today..and almost tripped 2 times when i was on my way to work today..-.-..my weekend has been a busy one..saturday went for my korean lesson as usual..tis time we watched a korean drama part of it ba...

after dat we went to get huimin's shoes..she need sometink to go wif her dress on wed..hahaa..in d end she got a at least 2 inch high heels at Isetan..and i got sometink from Body Shop too..for company gift xchange...dunno y dat day keep bumping into jiahui and matt...so qiao..lol...mi and yun also went optical shop at chong pang..got myself disposible contacts...:D

on sunday mi and min went for d NKF checkup...5 dollars...lucky everything was normal..and i was happy my weight dropped to 44.8kg...but my height nv changed.-.-||
o, so expected. haha. they measured my waist as well. 58 cm. dunno how many inch is dat..i hope its not many. and lucky both of us were fine. juz need exercise more. hoho...mi and min spend ys agonizing over flight fares...we wanted go Bangkok in Jan shopping..will be staying over at her fren house. AirAsia's quite cheap i guess..

last nite i dreamt i was in Taipei eating noodles..kekeke.funny dream.


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