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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

stupid stupid train

today i reached workplace ard 9.30...part of me already having headache..all thanx to d stupid train/track fault...jam all d way from yishun to dobby gaut..T_T..took train ard 8.07...den reach at 9.30..tis is crazy lo..realli dunno wat smrt is doing...poor mi no money take taxi lo...can life be kinder to mi? my legs r aching like hell wearing heels standing all d way...ahahha..ok maybe i cant stand pain la...

sat got huimin bbq o..cant wait..but thinking dat i cant spend d day at home..i also beri sad...coz cant play game wif him..T_T...and cant haf my afternoon nap..HAIZZ...nvm...maybe sunday ba..friday event..sat bbq..sunday event...tink i realli no chance to rest le...and part of mi is so tired now..sobz sobz so kelian.:(


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