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Thursday, January 12, 2006

tis morning is indeed a wierd one for mi, or how do i explain it, maybe a thoughtful one?? it started when i woke up tis morning thinking it was a public holiday..i was in a half dazed state when i woke up..zzz..

on d train, i was listening to mp3s on my phone..kept thinking d past few years of my life..how i spent it..i juz realised dat alot of things has changed during these few years..i spend d 40 mins of train ride remembering wat happened in poly to mi...alot of little memories juz fluttered and came to me one by one...

happy ones..sad ones..i remembered one particular night where i sat in d sky garden on d flr all by myself in d dark...this was one moment i would ever not forget..d choco dat time has thrown herself into despair..and life for her was at d lowest pt den...but i also remembered d choco who eventually stood up and turned over a new leaf...d choco eventually becum stronger and nv let things put her down so easily..d choco who came to understand everything and has becum more sensible since..toned down her wildfulness and becum more mature yet since...

*there's always a story behind each smile, the best will come when the storm blows over*


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