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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

happy valentine's day..

happy valentine's day to everybody..but today weather's damn bad for mi..i m having a mild headache in d office..hope d chocolate i ate is calming mi down...i m damn feeling so yuckY!! not mentioning d parcel i m waiting for SO long still haben cum..haizz..in a damn bad moody MOOD. hmp. joyce got flowers from her bf..delievered to her office..so romantic ya?! but its ok i don realli like flowers..but i like teddy bears arranged nicely in a box of flowers..dats was wat i saw...hope tonite is a gd nite for mi..although i will be going home again..rejected watever dates to go home play games wif him...tml will be my first time going to customer's place..eee..i hate it i hate it......oh no d headache still there..how?!


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