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Friday, September 30, 2005

and..finally weekend!

Mood: Deflating..but learning to be cheerFul...=)
Hair: Definatly longer..
Health: Great..considering i haven caught d flu bug from my collegues yet..
Horoscope: The pieces have finally come together. You see clearly and everything makes sense.

well..its makes sense..and d horoscope is half rite..erm..maybe..women r ficle creatures..a few mins earlier was deciding not to blog..but a few mins later..here i am. ok...let mi figure today..its a shitty day. i hate it. i hate wat my perfectionalist mind does to mi...it makes mi squirm whenever i cant do things up 2 my own standard...tinking back today..xxxxxxxxx is such a poophead. ihatehim. blech.

coming back to d now..i'm turning in for d night..its nt a waste..its been able to enjoy d wonders of wat adequate slp does to u..and my resolution for d rest of d year is to becum a better and cheerful mi..hahaha..no more un-necessary worrying. it juz makes mi age. ha. kk. tink i better stop here.


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