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Sunday, January 01, 2006

First day of year 2006 (^.^)

heyy!! first day of 2006..and i wake up so early to write my blog!!...no la..its my mother they all awaken mi up...grrrr...hate them..year 2006 first day..i haf so many hopes for this year..dat this year will be a better one...

XX my resolutions XX

1.Grow taller.(:P impossible)
2.Save more money.
3.Cure my bad temper.
4.Become thinner..(so my baby fat will disappear.)
5.Be more concentious(spelling wrong) in my work.
6.Dont get picky over guys.haHaHA.

...phew.lets hope year 2006 is a gd one for me..and everybody too..^^

Year 2005 last day...

mi went to meet huimin after her work..ard 9 plus ba..so many pple celebrating new year..d whole citylink to suntec was so congested!! but after d exit to esplanade and marina square..not so many pple ard le ba..tink everybody heading for d fireworks?!

huimin and mi wanted to eat at sushi tei wan...but so fast closed..so went sakae sushi instead...went for d supper buffet..heh heh...got free one red plate de..so we choose salmon and dunno another plate of seafood dat i cant eat..haiii..ate ard 16-18 plates i cant rem..bloated after eating so much sushi..ha...

after supper, we headed to go home..we decided to walk d main road..coz d tunnel shld be crowded ba? as we walked along d road near d Esplanade suddenly i heard a 'BOOM BOOM' sound!! its d fireworks!! we r so lucki...we saw a veri beautiful view of d fireworks...its juz happened before our eyes...wah wah..so lucky man...but sad is this year watched wif huimin one de..wahahaha..and 2 blangahs were watching wif awe next to us also..-.-|||||...too bad cant reallli capture d fireworks wif my phone la..

after dat we rushed for d train......not alot of pple..haha..but i guess everybody stuck in d Esplanade there...ahahaha..reached home ard 1 plus le..so tiring...but our 2006 is completed wif fireworks!! =)

dats when d fireworks started to appear!!

full bloom

in the train...


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