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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

KALA~KALA only 3 days...^ ^

KALA~KALA..!! i miss singing..now picking up cantonese from mama...muahaha..although my cantonese still veri lan..-.-|| y i wanna learn cantonese leh??? of coz is for.........


i wanna learn to sing cantonese song...actually i already understand abit le..its quite easy..maybe i haf d blood from my mother ba..and my father almost speak cantonese to my mother everyday..muahaha..they cant speak anytink bad about mi using cantonese le...>.<

wor~wor..but some of d words still quite chim la..may take some time to learn..beg my mum to give mi crash course b4 i go hk...就这样办了!!3 more days to thailand 哦!

this few mths alot of festivals..hmmm..cny cuming le..i miss cny..hongbaos..new clothes to wear..ktv..shiok leh...after cny got valentine's day..hahaa..dunno got chance to celebrate tis yr anot..last yr is damn horrible..hahahaha...^_^ shld be special tis yr..^_^vv


2moro's 牵着你 so nicee~~


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