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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

nikon, x-mas, narnia and all!

its only a few more weeks to x-mas..so fast and 2006 will cum soon...

i like x-mas..esp hope one year i can go Europe or Japan de "Bei Hai

Dao" (ps, forgot hw 2 spell) to spend x-mas..:)..wat wishful tinking..i'm still

sitting at my desk in my office..its a warm afternoon today..sun set low in d sky...

The Fish has recovered..Thanx to M's miracle medicine..The Fish's tail is now fanned

out prettily...well..d medicine label stated dat it kill parasites and other

stuff..eww..no wonder The Fish's tail is sort of tattered and torn..:~~~

this week is a long one..wif joyce they gone to Bangkok..i'm stoning away for d rest of d week...

lets c wat i got on my wish list..

1. Nikon S3 Cam

2. Wallet

3. at least 2 set of CNY clothes..(shld start buying soon)

4. Change my contacts..


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