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Monday, October 24, 2005

i m so tired

15 more mins b4 i m off work...will take d time to write my blog..hee..my work's finished again...so glad..spend d whole of sat sleeping after i attended d boring gathering at poly...*nx time don attend liao*..haa...sunday i met qi for a while at d lib...borrow 2 books..one of them which i was veri happi to find one...its d sequel to d first episode which i read..and d other one is a pyscho killer story..ha..sometime to spice up my mono life...

after which went to watch Transporter2 wif..hee hee hee..not bad lorr..d movie although i say i give 3 1/2 stars..but its a potential 4 star movie ba..wahahha...juz dat d movie made mi abit dizzy wif all d action..long time no watch so action de movie liao...keke..anyway i m so waiting for d nx weekend...i haf a feeling i wont be able to slp properly tis week..and nx week got 2 public holidays...cool...


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