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Sunday, October 09, 2005

shoooping trip...

wow..quite a few days nv update bloggie le..abit of dust here and there..hmm...this week is an eventful one..quite busi..dat i din realise another week is going to end soon...

my work..veri busi...coz d proj ending soon..so i needed to rush my work abit..stressful...but manage to scrape pass..hehe..tml angeline will cum back..i nv seen her b4..i wonder how she looks like..although joyce keep tellin mi nt to worri..dat she's a nice person..

thurs after work met hanxiong gor, huimin and xiaoyun to play bowling at marina square..long time nv see gor le..maybe since last year ba..he look more mature le..ha..they all bullies..bowling so lihai..i came in third for first round..and last for d 2nd round..nx time don wan play le..my hand still hurt now..sobz..tink he shld be at tekong now ba..jiayoU~

ys morning met cuiling to go to the refresher .net course at sch...if i noe Mr Tan XXXX XXXXX was d lecturer..i definately wont go one..i almost fell asleep for his lecture...quite a waste of time..hahahaha...maybe if lecturer is Mr LXX den shld be more beneficial ba...after lesson..i went home le..heh..i don wan be gooseberry..and i dislike to be gooseberry..d feeling is horrible..evening went library borrow book..

today went out wif xiangqi to shop..wa...we buy identical slippers from x:odus..den ah qi buy a top whereas mi buy a vest and a skirt for office..hahaha..but it doesnt look like office wear..but i don care..wanna wear watever i like..ha..

singing lesson today taught mi how to sing si lu by fish leong..so hard..i haven even learned d chorus..sianZz..


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