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Monday, April 17, 2006

yeah..long weekend..

aaa..my long weekend is over..so sad..haizz..=(..3 long days..how cum gone so fast? but i feel veri tired..dunno y.maybe not enuff slp..as usual.=) muz be yesterday do sports do too much..hehe^^ tired...din do much except sat went for k-lunch wif yunyun..eh..we sing alot of songs la..but like zao sia~ nope i not toking about yunyun..i saying abt me..=.=..horrible..too long no train singing liao..now muz buck up..oh yahhh..we sing superwoman..=.=|| shld noe better to challenge dat cao ge de song rite? horrible..den we sing bu pa bu pa..ha..d cockroach song..funny eh..and sing d chao kou ai!! 超口爱~~acting cute in d ktv..yahh..yun has a new talent..acting ke ai~ ahaha..many lines down..=.=|||||||||...wooo hope can faster go sing songs again...

yeah..nx mth going KL le~yipee~~

not much photos to post..maybe wait till d nx post ya guys..88



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