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Friday, November 11, 2005

blogging now coz my work's boring and its an extremely dull afternoon to begin wif.urgh.weekend's finally here..even d weather today can justify dat...so sunny and bright...=)...tml buying phone lo..but still dunno buy wat..k750i or d walkman one?? haizz...y cant i haf d best of both worlds..so 'ke xi'..there's no middle line..and i noe it.i will be veri broke after tml..sigh.but i cant resist d temptation to buy.i simply muz buy! the thought of it perks mi up..haa..i wanna learn dancing in dec...hope min they all decide by den...ha...its my new interest..but i feel so old..juz hope i can learn it b4 my bones hardened too much from d chair i sit on everyday...

my fish at home has taken a new meaning to monotonous...juz today i tried to feed it...dried worms..betta pellets?! errr..and salt for d water? it juz ate one piece and and remained still onwards...its horrible..noeing ur beloved fish is sick and u cant do anything about it.haiz.M bringing mi some aquariaum salt which i tink will help..instead of hehe..cooking salt...-.-...suddenly has an urge to get out of office and go running..ya not joggin..but running..need to escape out of d mono routine i m going thru everyday...*tink too much..got to get back to my work...


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