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Thursday, June 09, 2005

windy nite...

tonite 's a windy nite...i barely cant blog anymore..i wanna SLP!!!!! i'm so sleepy...its thursday...one more..DAY to WEEKEND!!! sat going malaysia..COOL LEH!!! i'm looking 4ward..definately after d stress i m facing at work these few days...bcoz of d extra duties at work...getting more and more..all dumped on mi..isnt surprising i feel shorter and shorter also???

everybody luck's seem to be veri down today....almost everybody got scolded for doing work wrong...y?? even happens to us oldies...omG..i juz wanna die..but d reaction i gave was always silly laugh which i believe will start annoy some of my senior collegues..my mistakes...i'm too blur wifout some proper slp..i believe it will improve...maybe everyday 10 am den cum work...ah..maybe d quality of my work will be better..ahahaha...

stupid me. stupid day. i've got a headache from my sis guitar playing. be watching d superstar later.. \^.^/


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