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Monday, June 06, 2005


dunno y le..today time seem to pass super fast..this is my first day at Canon when time can pass so fast..strange..i used to count time...juz cum back from amk..sian..wanted to ask whether they haf d installation disk for my modem..realli veri mafan le..stupid broadband...hahaha..

today gina's first day of work..how cum more and more pple whom i noe works in Canon ar?? hahaha..strange leh...morning go work muz meet 3 pple liao..more and more re nao..haha..today zh cum and drop by for lunch...he veri kelian..pei g and y lunch..den still cum and eat lunch wif my colleagues and i..haha..den after we go shopped ard...zh so generous ah...buy box of chocolate..how cum din buy more?? haha..but i gave g and y they all eat..coz mi like got abit of fever..so i din dare eat...scarly tml cannot go work liao..den juz now 4 sometink realli feeling abit sick lor...i felt veri faint..haha..dunno if its my imagination or wat...

i guess i wld be attending my poly graduation ceremony after all..coz i found someone wif a surname Y...hahaha...den got pple pei mi to go on stage...on d way home todae thought abt alot of things..some how when i'm wif myself alone i can tink things better...like d song by jolin fang fu ji hao..d melody so nice..


updating on wat i did ys..ys was feeling realli lousy so i asked yun out to acc mi watch movie..we went woodlands cathay to watch My Boyfren is Type B-..wow..d show not bad wor..got shuai ge mei nu..den v romantic..but i noe i expect d show muz be veri sad one..cry baby le...hahaha...but i enjoyed d movie veri much somemore cathay no raise price!!! still $8.5...haha...

den met cuiling for dinner...got alot to catch up wif her..long time nv had dinner wif her le..we went Fiesta for jap meal...we had a great time toking..finally feel dat somebody understood wat i m going thru now...i m realli grateful dat she listened to my naggy stories..hahaha..but fair mah..i also listened to hers...

cuiling..rem our plan for year 2006 xmas??? hahaha..Taipei here we cum!!!!!


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