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Friday, June 03, 2005

today was yanting first day of work at Canon..i bet she felt awkard as i did ba...haha...mi and
xiangqi escorted her to reception...i guess she was feeling nervous..but she was looking great!!! have more confidence ba!! haha...den got on wif my usual work..i was answering my calls like crazy..and today got quite a no of troublesome customers..ask until i cover my head wif my hands liao!!! haha..but i tink d person on d other line din noe dat i already pek chek liao!!! some more today as soon as i wanted to put down my phone and submit an order..d stupid phone rang again!! i realli wanted to put my phone to work mode so it wouldnt ring..but today got another colleague take leave..

so in d end i got stuck wif many many calls..-.- but luckily i managed to finish most of them on time...yanting doing documentation wor...like veri swang sia..haha..if got i also wan le...haiz...den ended d day wif some filing...

another week gone...haha...but everyday i tink of d money i made..it juz made mi wan to work even harder..haha..money is d root of all evil..but its d root of all motivation too...=)

yanting..muz hang on ar..lets work hard together..hahaha...^^


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