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Friday, May 27, 2005

feeling so tired!!!!!! i tink i could slp for d whole weekend..i wish i could..but its obvious i got alot to do ba...today is a busy day at office..d usual..was anwsering calls and taking orders like crazy...i can onli say Oracle is a lousy system..i actually took 20mins to finish an order when usually i take one min to complete it...sianZ man!!! den somemore a few days back i tink i chose d wrong address for d order...haiz...so hai d delievery man went to d wrong place..opps..cant blame mi..citibank leh..so many citibanks in s'pore..how i noe mah..sian le...*pouts...

but sometink juz struck mi dat tis job realli need to be veri responsible lor..haiz..i tink pat is right...tis job will shape mi up for my real job lor...coz i learned alot of comm skills hahaha..how to communicate properly wif customers also..so many office politics also...but i chose not to get involved...partly i'm a newbie and its not my business to interfere also...haha...

anyway looking forward to tml..need attend
Gor's birthday buffet..wonder its going to be fun over there?? but lately i seem not to like this social gatherings...like to zibi also..hope its going to be fun ba...


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