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Sunday, May 29, 2005


today met up wif Gor...haha..Gor veri gd wor..treat mi to watch Madagascar..haha...veri funny wor..although alot of kids watching..wah quite surprised to see the whole place is packed wif pple...right till d first row sia!!! not bad lar..d movie no stress mah..so keep laughing and laughing..haha...

actually supposed to treat Gor wan..but his auntie treating him ba..haha..nvm..den maybe i treat him another time ba...haha..

to Gor: if u readin this..juz wan to thanx u and mi veri happy ah..thanx for cheering mei up...stay in contact ba...haha.

suddenly feel dat i came back to reality from d cartoon..got lots of work to do tml...dats it for today...haha...


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