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Thursday, May 26, 2005

tired day's of work..

i feel so tired today..today's work was quite slack in afternoon..once it reached 4pm system was up..i was busy again!! so many orders to key in...i felt like i had to speed up lor..but gd mah..at least i noe my potential liao..hahaha..but gd mah..at least time pass veri fast..i'm waiting for you...waiting for you..waiting for my weekend!!!! i wanna go play le...at least i noe i worked hard...now i need to play hard le..or else i will go crazy..hahaha...

tink i long time no so ren zhen do my job le...kinda remind mi when i was younger...quiet and hardworking..pUkE!!..hahaha....anyway yanting is joining mi at Canon nx friday...looking forward to her arrival..hee hee...^^*


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