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Saturday, June 04, 2005

today weather veri hot sia..even now when i'm blogging i feel veri hot also..today started out waiting for huimin..waseh..i waited for 45 mins sia..turned out she fell asleep!!! oMg..-.-...den i accompany her to cut and dye her hair...wow...a new mei nu is born!!! haha...den accom her go buy present for a fren of hers..by then it was late evening le...den went amk to meet my father and sister..today went to apply for broadband le..finally..haha..but haf to wait until nx wk for d account to activate..friday sia..so long..haha..

today went surfing on net..realised sometink dat greatly made my mood dampens..but i guess i don wan to say anytink or wat le...maybe like dat i still can try to bluff myself i'm happy ba.......


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