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Sunday, May 29, 2005

busy saturday..

ys was quite busy....in d morning i went to meet xiangqi..haha...coz wanted to buy present for a fren mah...we bought a jacket from manmaster..den xiangqi veri thoughtful wor...she suggested buying a piece of cake to go wif d present..haha...not bad lar..d cake is from four leaves..den we wanted to put d present outside our fren's house...but then b4 we reached his house..xiangqi got veri giddy and stomachache o..veri cham...so i bought some medicine for her...fortunately...she recover veri fast ba..haha..our fren house veri far away wor..tink at least walk 15-20 mins ba..funny le..we snooping ard like theives..but veri exciting wor..nv got caught..wat if he suddenly cum out and water his plants?? haha...

den xiangqi invited mi to her house to sit..haha..there she treated mi alot of things sia..got ice cream got biscuits..got drinks...wa...xiangqi ar, u tryin to make mi fat ar??? haha...but nvm lar..haha...thank u thank u...den we watched vcds together lor..after dat played PS..haha..veri fun wor..but dunno y i keep losing in racing..i tink i got better talent in fighting...don u tink so?? haha...

after dat at nite went
Gor's birthday party..haha..too bad was feeling too ill to eat anytink...but d cake was nice however...


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