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Sunday, May 22, 2005

white dress...

today i went out wif jiahui to buy another person's present..lately i found dat i'm broke bcoz i keep buying pple's present...i'm BROKE!!! we went bugis junction and walked ard...walked until our legs becum sore le..but cant find one dat could fit my budget..so we decided to go orchard hmv look for d present...haha..finally found d present le...which i can afford and i like it myself also..haha..i also bought a long sleeved shirt for myself..for office wear..it looked kind of causual also..great bargain at $10...ha...

den we went bishan coz i wanted to look at white dress i realli liked in P.O.A...veri nice wor..but d price even nicer...haiz...$58...-_-|||..omg..i wan to faint liao..but d dress realli veri nice esp d bottom part...haiz..tink i haf to give up my dream le...maybe i shld leave it on my wishlist...anybody rich enuff buy for mi??? sigh....=(

by evening we all got sometink at bishan...haiz..maybe in d first place shld cum here le...haha...den jiahui veri gd wor..took mi to coffee bean and treat mi pure chocolate drink..nvm..i shall treat her back tml..haha..

jiahui, thanx for ur chocolate...=)

pure chocolate...^^*


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