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Thursday, June 02, 2005

today i saw andrew seow and lin xiang ping shooting a show at harbourfront...wow..they all veri photogenic wor..esp lin xiang ping so thin sia...frightening..today was another boring boring day at work...actually quite disappointed with my father today ba..but nvm lar..i noe he's veri tired at work..so cant expect him to take out time on weekends also..but dunno y suddenly feel so deenergized..and feeling veri sianz also..looking forward to cycling on saturday..dunno y sian is bcoz in office although colleagues r friendly to each other..but sometimes i feel they will backstab and badmouth pple...although my colleague keep badmouthing mi abt another colleague..i din care..and i tried to make my comments short..i don wan to offend her by keeping quiet..but i din wan to join in all those office politics by badmouthing pple also..pple haf feelings mah..maybe they tokin bad things abt mi..but i don wan to tink about it..coz i don realli care..i told my colleague i was juz a passer by in their dept..bcoz by 3 mths time i would be out of there..

now having a headache..don realli wish to write anymore le..and my sis guitar music making d headache worse..hope tml faster cum and go..i juz wan to rest...


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