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Monday, May 23, 2005

today went many places wor...coz i went wash d thailand trip photos first...den lady told mi it would be ready onli at 4pm...sigh..so instead of heading back home..i went out by myself..sometimes going shopping alone can realli destress lor..buy watever u wan to buy wifout frens nagging ard...hahaha...=) went jurong pt...haha...u may call mi siao..but i dunno ley..suddenly got d urge to go also...along d way look at d scenery outside d window..began to tink of many things dat happened to mi in a year...

tink i haf changed for d better ba...meaning improved...coz mi one year ago still veri unserious lor..keep playing ard..din realli bother about studies and stuff...den handle relationships like friendships also veri la ta...maybe i forgot to care about pple's feelings ba..i juz wan to do wat i wan to do...but tink i hurt alot of pple in d process..although i tink i still haf a long way to go..tis stubborn character wont go away dat easily..and dat temper of mine...still veri bad lor...

den buy many things also...all small small things...b4 i went home and conclude my 3 days of holidays r over!!!!!! arghhh..i gotta face d horrible music tml...oh no~ i'm so sad....=(


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