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Friday, June 10, 2005

long long day....

today is a veri long day...dun ask mi y..i juz felt so..in d morning i made quite a few mistakes..actually stress until my eyes abit glistened wif tears le...but managed to pick myself up and forget abt d incident...haha..by lunch i already forgot abt d whole thing..juz dat i was extra careful doing orders now..

today xiangqi took half day leave..so she went off at 12.30...how could u do this to mi man!!!!! leave mi alone for d rest of d afternoon?? so saDDDD....haha..jkjk..i noe u need a rest.....

at lunch today i saw many pple queueing up for Energy..coz they haf an autograph session at harbourfront today..so many pple le...jialat sia...somemore half of them r sitting in the sun..half inside d center...siao le...after wk..mi and weilin waited for peiwen to knock off...den we went to a nearby electronic store...got sell keyboards inside....den i watch weilin play keyboard..i also wan to learn!!! =( but i tink i realli wan to learn singing first...maybe i will consider going Music Clinic to learn..heard dat some of these famous music sch even haf to pass a test to get in...i realli wan to learn woh...i tink i save up money first...haha.

to somebody entering NS today: take lots of care and gd luck to u...enjoy...haha...


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