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Saturday, September 17, 2005

happy lantern festival...Part I

i'm back home..feeling quite disgusted wif d mini celebration wif Qi juz now...wahahaa..all d melted candles and burnt lantern..and of coz d half mooncake..which i will explain later...

today afternoon met Qi to go paya lebar..which has d largest this fashion in S'pore i tink..xiangqi fav store..muahahhaa..i took my bdae money frm my sis along...hoping to buy sometink lar...we ate kfc also...den went to try on lots of skirts..wahhahaaha..in d end i bought a grey pong pong skirt..which i love veri much..but qi decided not to buy...lucky she din buy also...coz went simei later...east point i tink..there also got this fashion..finally qi bought a black skirt there...i love black skirts!! esp pong pong those..LOL..

after which we went back khatib to celebrate zhong qiu jie...we ate dinner at 848 coffee shop..after dat den went to buy a mini choco yue bing, candles, sparklers, party poopers...LOL...den went to Qi house as it was rather early..we watched JJ VCD..wa..nice leh..like ktv like dat...d mv..finally we proceeded to d nearby 6 head playground area...wa lau so many pple man...and kids throwing sparklers into bushes..walau so dangerous...ha...den we started to light candles and i made a heart shape...ha...den got kids cuming ard to play our candles and take photos of d heart..which i was so proud of..

and one little indian kid keep borrowing matches candles and sparkers..OMG...jialat..
den one of our lantern begin to burn..haizzz..i din notice..until d fire was abit too big...scary man..tink qi veri sad coz its her fav yellow lantern..=P
den we change location...den started to play sprinklers and party poopers..omg..d pooper so noisy...after dat we eat mooncake..alamak..qi overturn d box..half d mooncake went into d skin!!! omg..choco snow skin...hahahahaha...so funni man..i tot still can eat...so picked it up...shui zhi dao..its was full of sand..!! eeekss...

after dat was getting late so went home liao..left yi da dui candles and sparklers..will be playing again tml..ha....


guess where is she??


burnt lantern!



delicious choco snow skin mooncake..

not so delicious mooncake......its covered wif sand..=P

yeah! sparks...


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